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MapleStory celebrates five years by asking you: cake or pie?

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

We're all familiar with the concept of warring factions in MMOs, and it only makes sense that the sweetest MMO around would give it a sugary twist.

MapleStory is celebrating its fifth birthday with Cake vs. Pie as one of the central party games. Players can choose to join the cake faction or the pie faction, competing to gain control of one of four towns. Win the match by defeating or defending the boss according to which side of the wall you're currently on, and you'll pick up prizes from XP boosts all the way to admission into a mini-dungeon.

While Cake vs. Pie is bound to be fun, MapleStory isn't stopping this party with a giant food fight. As with any good party, the guests receive gifts -- these come in the form of a brand new set of Fifth Anniversary Durability Items, 20 classic maple weapons that you'll find as drops, and special commemorative fifth anniversary rings. The GMs will be in town handing out buffs every half hour as well.

The event is going on throughout May, with all the details on the event schedule.

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