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One Shots: When worlds collide

One of the fun things in playing just about any Cryptic Studios game is the crazy things you can do in the character generator. While this is obviously more the case in Champions Online, there is apparently still fun to be had in Star Trek Online's character generator as well, as we see from today's MMO mashup sent in to us by Miqe I. He writes in to tell us more about this odd melding of worlds: "I was thinking... Is it possible to create a Night Elf in Star Trek Online? I only spent maybe a half an hour and came pretty close." We admit, a Night Elf Mohawk vs. Klingon cage match could be fun too.

Have you managed to do something strange in the character creator in your favorite game? We love to see silly screenshots of all the fun things out there in the MMOgscape, and readers help us find so many of them! All you have to do to take part in One Shots is to email your screenshot to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game, and a brief description of the image. We'll post it out here and give you the credit.

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