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Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro lands FCC approval

Chris Ziegler

We can imagine the conversation going something like this:

"Hello, FCC speaking. How can I help you?"
"Hey, Sony Ericsson here. So basically, we took this phone you guys already approved, and just... you know, slapped a keyboard on it. We cool?"
"Well, no, we aren't 'cool.' Go ahead and submit another set of test results and we'll get back to you."
" 'buts.' Just do it." (click)

And that, you see, brings us to this filing for the Vivaz pro. It's not a North America-bound version -- there's no 850 / 1900MHz or AWS 3G -- but at least it'll get you some high-speed data if you're in 900 or 2100MHz markets (read: Europe). And heck, it might even make an original Vivaz owner or two jealous in the process.

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