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Ubisoft begins hunt for Just Dance sequel talent

Justin McElroy

Ubisoft has just announced that it's about to start combing the globe, looking for the hottest dancers and choreographers that it can include in the follow-up to surprise smash hit Just Dance. As detailed by the press release, the auditions will begin in France before moving to London and, eventually, the US. The game's Facebook page has all the details. [Update: That UK event is fine if you can get there, but in the U.S. branch of the contest, you can actually enter a video online! Check it out here.]

Before you get too excited, know that the official Joystiq dance team, Jamaretto, will be participating and -- against contest and federal regulations -- we'll be breaking out all our signature moves like the Grand Crunk Railroad, the Gogurt, the Sprained Cankle and the Spin Around Really Fast. So ... yeah. Bring it.

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