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Fantasy Earth Zero announces official launch date

Eliot Lefebvre

Fantasy Earth Zero is an interesting (and long-arriving) import game, originally developed by the inimitable Square-Enix and brought over via Gamepot USA. The game has been moving through its beta testing phase rather smoothly, good news for fans of its action-focused gameplay and PvP territory wars. And now there's even more good news: the game has an official launch date. On May 18th, less than two weeks away, the game is moving out of the beta testing phase and into its full commercial launch.

To celebrate, a launch site has been set up specifically for special events, promotions, and other goodies in the days leading up to the launch proper. While there aren't many hints about what will come with the change from open beta to official launch (other than the expected launch of the cash shop), it's promised that there will be new opportunities for players to test their skills. And if you haven't yet gotten a chance to try Fantasy Earth Zero to see if it's a game that you want to stick with... well, what are you waiting for?

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