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Iwata explains Super Mario Galaxy 2 tutorial DVD


In his presentation to investors, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata confirmed that Super Mario Galaxy 2 would include a bonus tutorial DVD, and that said DVD would be exclusive to Europe and Japan. Iwata called the "Super Mario Galaxy 2 For Beginners" video "a visual manual for first-timers for 3D Mario." It includes basic information about how to play Super Mario Galaxy 2, as well as "Super Play" footage showing advanced techniques for more seasoned Mario fans.

He also addressed the obvious complaint about the DVD: "Some may feel this is unusual because Wii does not have a DVD playback capability, but given the wide penetration of DVD players at home, we have concluded that it is most useful for the players if they can confirm the contents even while they are playing with Wii and decided to provide the footage in DVD format."

You can see a snippet of footage from the Japanese version of the DVD in the presentation. And you can see the latest trailer from Nintendo of America, featuring Bee Mario, after the break.

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