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Nimbus 64: the latest in a long line of gorgeous portable N64 mods

Darren Murph

For whatever reason, the last great game console to utilize a cartridge over a disc is finding itself in yet another portable form factor, and of course, the Nimbus 64 has been crafted by one of Ben Heck's most loyal followers. One cndowning is responsible for this beaut, and it's actually his second homemade portable; this particular miniaturized Nintendo 64 uses a custom vacuum formed case, D-pads and control sticks from used Game Cube controllers, a Zenith PS1 display and plenty of nuts and bolts that only the hardcore modders in attendance would understand. Per usual, we'd recommend heading down to the links below for more details and images, the latter of which are likely to make you exceedingly envious of the DIY skills exhibited here.

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