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Female worgen models and animations datamined

Allison Robert

Posters on MMO-Champion's boards have gotten into the Cataclysm alpha and started datamining female worgen models and animations. While the models don't have textures yet (i.e. you're only going to see a bunch of black and not their faces or anything) and some of the animations are placeholders borrowed from existing models (mostly female draenei), this is the first look we're getting at one of Cataclysm's most hotly anticipated features.

WARNING: This post is stuffed full of spoilers. It is a spoiled piece of concentrated awesome wrapped in spoiled paper boxed and shipped to Spoilertopia courtesy of Spoiler Express. Don't click below if you don't want anything to do with unofficial information.

So far, this is what we've got in addition to the two YouTube videos above:

  • The original thread on the MMO-Champion forums: This is huge, but it also includes a few speculative pictures from WoW Model Viewer with worgen models in different tier sets, and both the male and female hairstyles options.
  • All of the available .gifs of new worgen (both male and female) animations collected in one place: You'll see warrior, rogue, hunter, casting, and several emote animations here (no /dance yet, though). Some of the animations (particularly for the males) are currently bugged with extra arms and floating bracers. Again, some are also placeholders from existing models, so don't freak if they look a little familiar. The new stuff, however, is so amazing it makes me sad for the races with less compelling animations already in the game.
Neither model is currently finished, and while we're unable to 100% verify this information, this is one well-executed hoax if it's not legitimate. Superb job by the dataminers, and many thanks to the tipsters who wrote in!

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