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For Gnomeregan! How goes your training?


For Gnomeregan! is where the members of <B.L.O.G.> on US Shadow Council roleplay guild meetings as part of an in-blog and in-game RP campaign. The rules for this campaign are: no ERP (Erotic RolePlay) and no vampires (though death knights are welcome). Everyone is invited to participate. Assume that to get into the guild, you at least pretended to be in full use of your faculties and are willing to fight for the cause. You are all welcome to join us here in the comments and those who wish to play with us in-game should friend Peenk and ask for an invite on US Shadow Council-A.

For Gnomeregan!

I've lived a sheltered life since my familee escaped our home citee, so I took my normal-sized feet to see the wide world. I traveled to all of our major allied citees in Azeroth, funding my trip by runneeng errands for people along the way. I was particularlee moved by my trip to the night elf lands. While prospective employers have treeted me with respect and have withheld judgment of my appeerance until after I have proven myself, the local adventurers have largelee been prejudiced and insulteeng. Emphasis on the word "large." They are gigantic there.

Aneeway, I theenk I have learned two valuable lessons:

  1. Be true to myself. I have been hideeng my dialect (which comes from a weird familee historee that I won't bore you with now) and will no longer do so. You don't inspire peeple to help you by being afraid to be yourself. I encourage evereeone else to be yourselves too.
  2. I want a kittee. Those night elves reellee know how to travel. That and the rogue experts I have found there will keep me in Teldrassil for my traineeng a while longer.

Let's go around again and answer one or more of these questions:
  • Do you have an interesteeng storee or lesson learned from your traineeng?
  • Are you new? Who are you and why are you heere?
  • Do you have an idea for a traineeng event or competition?
Also, we will be holdeeng a contest for a tabard design soon. I'll keep you posted.

You there. Got sometheeng to say?

Please join us by telling us a story from your leveling this past week (real or imagined), a lesson you've learned or something else of interest while staying in character. If you are new, why have you joined the army? All the World's a Stage is a great resource and this guest post by Anna is a must-read for making new characters.

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