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[1. Local]: Hey


Reader comments -- ahh, yes, the juicy goodness following a meaty post. [1.Local] ducks past the swinging doors to see what readers have been chatting about in the back room over the past week.


Reader comments have been cracking us up all week. From completely inane threads to humorous ways of explaining things, compiling this week's sampling has given me the giggles. There were some serious, insightful comments as well, of course. In fact, we'll start off with one from Drama Mamas. We answered a letter about some loot nastiness. A priest accidentally rolled need and won a weapon that a rogue wanted. Drama ensued. Scooter offered some added insight:

My friends and I call this situation the "Ticking Loot-Bomb Scenario". Basically the rogue was all set to go off on someone and the priest happened to cut the wrong wire. Everyone goes off like this at least once in their lives. It takes a level of maturity to recognize this in yourself and take action to calm down. Unfortunately this is something that even most adults never obtain.

It's also important to recognize when people do take that important deep breath and either calm down or remove themselves from the situation. The rogue should have just left the group. True, this inconveniences any friends/guild mates also on the run but 10 minutes of waiting for a replacement is still an improvement over 10 minutes of yelling.
There's a ticking funny bomb waiting to go off on the next page.


Blizzard made a couple of announcements this week. One was about the ability to import your Facebook friends into your friends list. This caused some people to express misgivings.

thegatherer: Is it just me, or is Facebook taking over the whole net?

Vrykerion: Just a large chunk. The rest of the net is being assimilated by Google.

(cutaia): Yeah, you can't go anywhere withou[FACEBOOKNET MONITOR CONNECTING - THREAT DETECTED - INTERCEPT IN PROGRESS] I love Facebook! It's the best thing ever! Please come fertilize my peppers in Farmville™!

A friend is someone who likes you

The other announcement was the release of details about the new Real ID feature. There was some confusion about how it worked, which Peon47 clarified:

From what I read, it seems that if I'm Real ID friends with Carol Smith and Sue Jones, I'll be able to see their full names, and what they are up to (what games they're playing, and what characters they're logged into).

But all Carol will see is that I have a friend who is called "Sue Jones". She won't see Sue's e-mail address, her characters or even her online/offline/busy status.

Should Carol want that info, she'll have to send a Real ID request to Sue, who can ignore it; and Carol has no other way to contact her. I can simply tell Carol that Sue is a different Sue, from my old guild or something. Not my ex that I still keep in contact with just in case Carol dumps me.

Wait, I've said too much...
RP Spotlight

We've got some really good RP going on in the comments of For Gnomeregan!. This week, Anoushka's entry is awesome.

Kill moths for blood? Mutated rabbits? Walking I dream this? Am I hit on the head in crash? This can't be happening...and then I fight fish-men while trying to get red snapper for village, ghosts of bear-men talking to me from sticks in ground, beautiful purple-skinned woman thinks we are is too much.

After wandering for awhile, I find myself getting pears for elekk, rescuing princess of bear-people from other bear-people, and then...sin'dorei. Blood elves! It wasn't just dream from earlier. They are here!

We are hunted, we are hated...but I learn that we stay true to who we are. We never forget lessons of the past and remain kind to those less fortunate.

Now, we are if not trusted, at least understood by purple-skinned ones. We are respected and honored among bear-people. But still we are hunted and hated by blood elves. Always shall this be so, I fear. So I will be strong with my people - I must be, for I must help those little ones I hear of. They have lost their home, and I have sworn myself to help them get it back.

I cannot go home. They can. I will help that happen!

What's in a name?

Chase Christian sent this comment thread to me from last week's Light and How to Swing it which discussed how to heal through Saurfang.

Aarkan: What did they name him?

Sayis: They named him Dranosh. It means "Heart of Draenor" in Orcish. Saurfang made a promise to his mother before she died; whether he lived or died, he would enter the Dark Portal, alone. His boy would be safe, hidden away by the elders of Garadar. Untainted.

MoarHeroisms: Oh, have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard.

Arizor: D-D-D-Draenosh D-D-Draenosh. Oh have you heard about the Draenosh!? 'Cos everybody's heard about the Draenosh!...

Meg: I wonder what Dranosh means? I guess we'll never know.

prenden2: I'd mostly just heard of the bird.

Josh: In the Mountains....

Mariusz: Dranosh means 'wipe on Heroic' in Orcish.
The ultimate use of penultimate

There was a typo in Buff(ing) for BlizzCon where "penultimate" was used incorrectly. Ultimate means the best EVAR, while penultimate means second to last. Of course, you diligent grammar narcs made sure to mock us for this error.

Nandini: From the intro: "the penultimate WoW geek event: BlizzCon." If BlizzCon is the penultimate event, what is the ultimate event?

Glaras: And should you lose more or less weight for that one?

Radioted: ComicCon in San Diego?

(cutaia): Oh no! There's only one more WoW geek event after this one! /cry

David: BlizzCon 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Vogie: The Blizzcon in October is the Beta. They'll be coming out with the full version of Blizzcon sometime in 2011

Alex Ziebart: The ultimate event is the meetup, duh.


Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the Cataclysm Friends and Family Alpha started this past leak week. Alex Ziebart's reaction to the following comment thread can be summed up with WTF. I don't know, but I love it.

Yoseph: hey

fearinlight: hello

Rapzak: sup


molsterssoul: greetings


Masalar: Salutations



seanthehorde: 你好

MankriksBeezy: bonjour

Capncrunch: Shalom

"Pleased to meet you! I apologize profusely for any inconvenience my murderous rampage may have caused."

Gregg Reece: Bal'a dash, malanore

Dave: Wie gehts

JR said: こんにちは。

Carlos Alberto Mota Candreva: Oi ...

IvanP91: привет

Cedric: Kumusta?

Hivetyrant: Goodby. Oh crap, I mean G'day

SilentJustice: hi

Paula: Ola!


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