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The Daily Grind: Mob Grudge Match


Ahh, little mobs, you pieces of innocuous computer code you. Standing still or roaming in a set pattern, you live to serve us -- walking bags of experience and loot just waiting to be cracked open. Sure, maybe sometimes you run away when you're hurt (which only ticks us off more) or call out to your buddies when you want them to die as well, but truly, you live a life free of sophistication. You live, you die, you make us better, and then you live once more.

Except that's not always the case, is it? Sometimes there's a particular mob that seems to declare a grudge match against you. It's the mob that kills you more often than not, the mob that has a really nasty trick or two up its sleeve, the mob that's stalking you with diligence that's not usually seen outside of a restraining order. What one mob has you seeing red every time it appears? What mob do you attack with a vengeance no matter what, even if you out-level it by the score? What mobs have grated so much that you've declared a crusade against their kind? Grudge match: GO!

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