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Would you buy a hydrogen-powered sedan in 2015 for $50,000?

Tim Stevens

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That's the question Toyota is asking, announcing plans to release such a thing in that year for that price. That's more than twice as expensive as the company's current eco-chic offering, the Prius, but for greenies the advantages here are considerable: zero carbon emissions and a renewable fuel source. Toyota has been showing off its hydrogen-powered FCHV (pictured above) for quite some time now, but the initial model to hit dealers will instead be a sedan (presumably a luxury one at that price point) that would have a range comparable to gasoline models. Toyota hopes to actually make a profit on the car thanks to ever-decreasing fuel cell costs, a goal that the company did not achieve when the Prius initially hit the road and was sold at a loss. Of course, if the hydrogen distribution system in the US doesn't improve over the next five years then this thing will surely be a loser too.

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