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BlackBerry 9670 caught trying to justify its existence on video

Chris Ziegler

Look, we'll admit that we may have gone a little hard on the BlackBerry 9670 the first time we saw it -- but seriously, could you blame us? Thanks to the 8200 series, RIM's developed a reputation for making gargantuan clamshells, and the 9670 certainly doesn't seem to buck that trend -- in fact, it's very likely even wider on account of its full QWERTY keyboard, and you can tell from this new video that it doesn't make any apologies about its thick waistline, either. That being said, the phone seems to look just a smidge sexier now than it did before, though it's still not necessarily clear why you'd pick it over a 9650 or 9700 when it's essentially the same size folded. Guess we'll know when -- or if, rather -- RIM launches this thing. Follow the break for video.

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