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External HD support hacked on the iPad


Here's an awesome trick for adding external HDD storage to an iPad. By "awesome" we mean complicated, round-about, wire-friendly and ultimately impractical (are you going to sit at Starbucks with this rig?), but hey...why do people climb Mt. Everest? Because it's there!

After reading our own Erica's post on enjoying Apple's deceptively versatile iPad Camera Connection Kit, Maxwell C. Shay found a way to get his jailbroken iPad to recognize an external drive with it. Maxwell explains the process in great detail here, but basically he used his MacBook to tunnel through via SSH and trick the iPad into mounting the drive connected with the kit and a split-USB cable.

This set up won't win any prizes for looks, but as for ingenuity it gets an A+. Well done.

[Via Engadget]

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