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PSN is 'perfect home' for shmups, Gundemonium pub explains


Sony Online Entertainment recently signed a deal with Rockin' Android to bring three shmups (shoot 'em ups) exclusively to the PlayStation Network: Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadGline and Hitogata Happa. Micah Loucks, producer at SOE, explained to Gamasutra that the "uniquely Japanese" quality of these shooters made them an attractive fit for PS3 owners.

Of course, Rockin' Android was incredibly enthusiastic to have these games appear on a console for the very first time. "One of our game plans was to get these games on a console system, because we always believed that they were meant to be played on a gamepad. Sony came in at the perfect time," Rockin' Android president Enrique Galvez explained to Gamasutra. Clarifying why the games were coming exclusively to PS3, Galvez added: "Xbox had some Japanese shooters already, we felt that Sony didn't really have those on PlayStation Network, so we thought that [PSN] was just the perfect home."

Although only three games are confirmed for release on PSN thus far, it appears PS3 owners can expect even more shmups in the future. "There's going to be more," Loucks added. "I can't speak towards when or which titles yet, but yes, there's going to be more." For a look at the original PC version of Gundemonium, check out a video after the break.

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