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AT&T scheduling Palm Pixi Plus, Vu Plus, and others for early June launch?

Chris Ziegler

So we know the Pre Plus is hitting AT&T this coming Sunday -- but what about its little brother? We're hearing that AT&T has lined up the Pixi Plus for a June 6 launch for $49.99 on contract after rebate, $100 less than it'll be charging for the Pre Plus -- in other words, you'll be able to get a Verizon Pre Plus or an AT&T Pixi Plus for the same price, and the latter won't include free mobile hotspot service. Voodoo math aside, we've got a few more goodies in here for you: the aging LG Vu will apparently be replaced on June 6 with a Vu Plus model for $149.99 on contract with rebate, Samsung will re-up the rugged Rugby with the Rugby II for $129.99, and Pantech's Pursuit swings in for $49.99. It all makes for an exciting June, does it not?

[Thanks, Kal]

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