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EA forecasts Bulletstorm in Q1 2011


Last month, EA announced that Epic and People Can Fly's FPS, Bulletstorm, would be released in 2011. Prior to that, an EA earnings report slated an unannounced shooter from Epic for a Q1 2011 release.

It looks like we were able to predict the ballistic weather accurately. Today's fiscal 2010 earnings report (PDF link) brings it all together in a nice, official manner, clearing up any speculation we may have had, by listing Bulletstorm with a release date of Q1 2011 (which is EA's fiscal Q4 2011). That means that between Bulletstorm and Dead Space 2, EA has both the 1st- and 3rd- person alien-shooting markets covered in 2011. Who's going to step up with the second-person shooter, played from the perspective of the aliens being shot?

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Source: EA Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2010 Results (PDF)

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