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EndWar, Battlestations, Raiden hit Games on Demand


We hope you like militaristic destruction, because that's what you're getting on Games on Demand this week. Up for grabs are three games about blowing stuff up and not much else. First is Tom Clancy's EndWar, the 2009 voice-controlled real-time strategy game from Ubisoft. Next we have some WWII naval and air combat by way of Battlestations: Pacific. Finally, there's Raiden Fighters Aces, a compilation of the Raiden Fighters arcade shoot-em-up series.

You can add one of the games to your download queue with the handy Xbox Live Marketplace links below. Just remember that pricing and availability vary by region. Add EndWar to your Xbox 360 download queue ($29.99) Add Battlestations: Pacific to your Xbox 360 download queue ($29.99) Add Raiden Fighters Aces to your Xbox 360 download queue ($19.99)

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