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Guess when Trials HD will hit a million and win loot

Justin McElroy

Like a hellbent motorcyclist, Trials HD continues to roar along at terrifying speeds. But rather than rushing towards an untimely death at the hands of a particularly inflexible brick wall, RedLynx's XBLA hit is fast approaching the one million downloads mark. Sure, that kind of breaks the metaphor, but we've come this far, right? Let's forge on together.

The developer plans on hitting the milestone soon, but is hoping its community can help it figure out exactly when with a new contest. Whichever fan manages to guess closest to the exact date and time will win "some super loot" from RedLynx, including a giant Trials flag and an autographed motorcycle helmet.

You can make your guess at the official contest page, but be warned: We've already called dibs on "Pretty soon."

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