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Iwata addresses Wii's future and 3DS at investors briefing

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata recently spoke to his close circle of super best friends -- hereafter referred to as Nintendo's investors -- about the future of the company's gaming hardware, and how said hardware will translate directly into monies for their wallets. According to Andriasang's translation of the briefing, Iwata shot down the possibility of revealing a successor to Nintendo's home console any time soon, adding, "we believe there's still more we can do with the Wii." Sure there is! You can paint it different colors.

On the subject of the Nintendo 3DS, Iwata explained the seemingly random March 23 announcement date was set to give third-party developers a chance to come up with something for the platform in time for E3. He mentioned these developers may incur a bit more development costs on these projects due to the "trial and error" involved in creating 3D games, but wouldn't comment on how these costs might translate over to consumer software prices for the console.

He also revealed that "the announcement of the formal name [of the 3DS] will not be too far off," meaning it's time to go place your bets with your friendly neighborhood Video Game Technology Marketing bookie. (As of this writing, even money's on "Nintendo Virtual Boy 2.")

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