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'Online Pass' specific to EA Sports, 'no announcement' on Medal of Honor


Listen, we get it. You're a "pre-owned" type of game buyer. To us, and your online comrades, we're equals in the game owning world. To EA, well, you're sucking its server's bandwidth. Defending EA Sports' "Online Pass," Senior Vice President Andrew Wilson told Develop, "We want to reserve EA Sports online services for people who pay EA to access them."

We were curious to find out if the same held true for non-EA Sports titles; specifically, if this program would be implemented with Medal of Honor's online multiplayer. A company representative informed Joystiq, "Online Pass is a program specific to EA Sports. However other EA titles and franchises are planning similar offerings to reward players with bonus content and online services. No announcements today related to Medal of Honor."

Begun, the game-owner class wars have.

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