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The Queue: Bree to wed Asian design major


Welcome back to The Queue,'s daily Q&A column where the team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Adam Holisky will be your host today.

I think it's time for some RP this week. In this session, I'll be playing an Asian design major who is marrying a girl named Bree I met in hunter school. The wedding set will be constructed by a bunch of Alliance soldiers, who when they die, won't get any death benefits. Playing in the background? Beserker (Olaf is from Kalimdor). We'll also all be throwing snowballs at each other when Bree and I say "I do," 37 times (in a row).

Rezai asked ...

"So I'm leveling a priest and want to do some healing some random dungeons. Should I wait till 40 and dual spec holy or is it okay to heal while shadow spec while leveling?"

You'll probably be fine healing as shadow. Just make sure that you have some mana potions available so you can throw out more heals during a fight. Also watch your mana consumption in general -- ask everyone to wait while you drink if you need to.

I'm leveling a druid healer
via the dungeon finder, and healing through the old instances is a lot of fun. The early PUGs can be a challenge, especially with some of instances with pulls that are not designed at today's standards. There's a few rough spots in Deadmines, for instance, that get to be a little challenging; especially that pat that comes up from behind you. The number of people that have died to that pat ... /facepalm.

Busan asked ...

"A long forgotten question: do we know exactly where the goblins want to go with their rocket in Area-52?"

Twisted Nether. Although we don't know much more than that.

Invicible asked ...

"Do we know if there's gonna be any death knight (Ebon Blade) or Lich King lore in Cataclysm? I know that's not focus of Cataclysm but it would just be wrong to leave this part of lore up in a shelf."

We don't know yet, but I agree with the other commenters who say there'll probably be some cleaning quests where you have to deal with the aftermath of the plague. From what we understand, the Eastern Kingdom isn't complete yet in the alpha, so for reals we don't know a lot about what will be coming.

Sam Lowry asked ...

"So StarCraft II is going to have three separate releases because Blizzard has put more effort into multiplayer (where they don't really have to create a story, just a map) than single-player? Umm, I might pass on this one."

Each installment will bring with it 30 new single-player missions. They decided to release StarCraft like this so they could build the story the way they wanted, instead of shrinking it down. I spoke with some Blizzard folks right after this was announced, and I really do believe they're doing this for the story-telling value. They're gonna make a lot of money on this game one way or another -- I don't think profit was much of a motive here (i.e., put your tinfoil hats away and just accept what they're saying as truth: it's to tell a great story).

Gamer am I asked ...

"Why do posts have so many redundant tags? Why not just consolidate all of the similar tags into one tag?"

There are two reasons. First is for our internal catalogue of posts. We often have to find something we wrote years ago quickly, and robust tagging helps immensely with that. Second is for the search engines. While there's a very large community that visits, MMO-Champion, etc., there's also a large audience that uses Google and other things to find WoW information. Chances are when they search something about WoW, we'll be at or near the top of the list. Tags and metadata are a necessary evil of the current information-overloaded world, but that's another discussion for another time ...

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