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Tuesday Morning Post: Levee's gonna break edition


Happy Tuesday Morning, everyone! As you're probably aware, the family and friends alpha test of Cataclysm went up early last week. While there's still a Non-Disclosure Agreement on the whole thing, that hasn't stopped a lot of enterprising people from getting their hands on the client and disseminating all manner of information to the WoW community at large. I wouldn't say the leaks are coming out in a torrent quite yet, but there's still some pretty juicy stuff if you know where to find it.

Of course, if you're one of those who's trying to keep pure about the spoilers and leaks, have no fear. In the list below we've placed all the unofficial leaks in a separate Cataclysm leak section so you can skim over them or pass them by. So read on with confidence. There's plenty non-leak stuff to read up on, including the new Patch 3.3.5 PTR notes. It looks like only a handful of servers will experience scheduled downtime this morning, and even then only for 2 hours starting a 5 AM pacific time, but Tuesday's good WoW news reading time anyway.

Cataclysm Leaks

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