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Behind the scenes with the iRetrofone's creator


I really enjoyed seeing this retro handset base for the iPhone (even if I did mistake the shipping charge for the price -- sorry about that). Now, iPhone Savior has a nice piece up about the base's designer, Florida artist Scott Freeland. Since news about the set went live, he's apparently been bombarded by requests, and he's actually been working on making it easier to make them and deliver them to customers; he's currently working with two resin molds and has tweaked his process a bit. It sounds like the iRetrofone is already a successful product.

When you hear what he has to say about the handset, it's not hard to determine why. The model is based on a 1937 phone, and Freeland says it hit him in the same nostalgic way it does most of us: "As a sculptor, when I need something in my life I make it ... That was the phone I had as a kid. I looked online until I saw a phone that looked like what I had, and then I made it." He's making more, too. As you can see above, he's got pink and clear models being made already, and he says he wants to make about six to eight more versions, including crazy ideas like "a skull with the iPhone in it."

That one doesn't sound quite as, ahem, nostalgic, but it's still interesting. The iRetrofone is available on Etsy for US $195, and while it's on back order right now, the page says it'll be available in about two weeks.

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