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Casio's new 1,000fps compact shooter, the EX-FH100, gets slow-mo review

Tim Stevens

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When we took a look at last summer's hottest compact cameras, we had a lot of fun playing with the 1,000fps video capture mode on Casio's EX-FC100. That model is sadly no longer with us, but its successor is here to fill the void. While we dig the sophisticated new look for the EX-FH100, Photography Blog finds that the camera still needs work on the inside. On paper, a 10x zoom in front of a 10 megapixel, backside-illuminated sensor sounds like a great combination, but image quality was found to be poor and ISO settings anywhere above 200 resulted in considerable grain. Still, 40fps still shooting is nothing to scoff at, and a $50 price drop compared to last year's model is progress you can take to the bank.

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