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Rumor: 250GB PS3 bundled with MLB '10 in June

An alleged Target inventory listing appears to indicate the impending arrival of a new PlayStation 3 bundle. According to the printout (seen above) and a photograph of a scanner (posted after the break), the bundle includes a 250GB PS3 Slim and a copy of MLB '10 The Show for $349.99. It'll hit store shelves on June 13. We've contacted a number of Target locations, one of which was able to confirm that the listing was in their database.

Given the recent deal struck up between the MLB and Sony to stream live baseball games directly to the console, an MLB '10 bundle seems like an appropriate promotion. Regardless, we've contacted Sony to see if we can get a comment about this listing's authenticity.

Update: A Sony representative responded, saying "we don't comment on rumors or speculation about our business."

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