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Ask Engadget HD: How do I keep a closet full of home theater equipment from overheating?


Last week we asked how to achieve your wildest home theater desires and this week we have a followup in that same theme. Moving all those home theater components out of the way helps achieve the clean look so many desire, but Edward wants to know how do you do it?

"I've seen different instances where people have moved the majority of their home entertainment components away from entertainment centers/tables and put them in closets. I'm interested in doing this with my system, essentially putting everything out of view except for the TV and speakers. I'm lucky in this instance because I have a closet on the opposite side of the wall where the TV is mounted and its an empty coat closet about 30 x 30. What I'm looking for are tips regarding IR blasters and shelving/cooling issues for the components in the closet. I'm looking to put a HK AVR-254 receiver, U-Verse STB (not DVR), Wii, Xbox 360, BDP-3600, and a small Ethernet switch in the closet. I live in Dallas Texas so summers are a concern and I want to know what people have been doing in regards to cooling since closets aren't well ventilated."

We're sure you all have suggestions on how to keep the air and control commands flowing even in tight spaces. We put together our own how-to move your boxes away from the HDTV, but we don't have a lot of HVAC advice, so pitch in.

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