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DCUO reveals the newest character: Black Adam

Anti-hero following a strange ethical code, or power-crazed villain? Either way you look at it, today's unveiling of Black Adam as the newest character in DC Universe Online doesn't bode very well for metahumans on either side. Originally introduced as a character in 1945 and later retconned, Adam was granted his powers by the wizard Shazam during the time of Rameses the second. Once Shazam realizes the enormity of his mistake in unleashing the insanely powerful -- and evil -- Teth-Adam ("Mighty Adam") upon the world, he tricks his evil protege. Having placed Teth-Adam's spirit in a scarab to save the world, the old wizard goes into hiding. He resurfaces over 3,000 years later and decides to try one last time to pass his heroic powers of Shazam on to a young man named Billy Batson -- or Captain Marvel, as you may know him.

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Meanwhile, the original "Khem" (Black) Adam is buried alongside Rameses II, where he and the scarab containing his spirit (and power) lay until an excavation by Batson's parents. An unscrupulous aide, Theo Adam, becomes increasingly influenced by the scarab until he slays Batson's parents, steals the artifact, and flees for America. Fast forward through different series, changes between good and evil, and Black Adam has become an incredibly powerful character in his own right, even landing as number 16 in the top 100 villains. While we're still awaiting the specifics of his appearance in DC Universe Online from SOE, one thing is fairly certain either way: this is one guy you don't want pissed off at you.

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