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Sick of Just Dance? Try KIDZ BOP Dance Party! The Video Game


We get it. Sometimes you just need to put something on the TV to get a break from the kids. Now that they've danced to all the MC Hammer a human being could ever dance to in Just Dance, you've got to resort to stronger, more potent forms of distraction. That's why we're here to tell you about KIDZ BOP Dance Party! The Video Game.

A joint operation between D3Publisher and those weird cover albums you see advertised on Nickelodeon, the new Wii game will launch on September 21 and will feature "24 contemporary hits" -- including pint-sized renditions of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi," Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and Pink's "Get the Party Started." Really? Kids know who Pink is?

The game will also have five different modes of play: Free Play; Challenge; Dance Off; Shop; and Dress-Up. Challenge mode will allow two players to dance cooperatively, while Dance Off will feature a head-to-head mode. The remainder of the game will be single player only but don't fret: if there's one thing kids are great at doing, it's sharing their toys.

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