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Star Trek Online takes a look in the Undine Terradome

Eliot Lefebvre

First known as Species 8472, the Undine are one of the signature threats of Star Trek Online, a race of shapeshifting creatures with bizarre motives and what seems to be unbounded malice toward other races. While they've not yet moved into center stage, they've followed a steady process of subversion and infiltration through several of the game's storylines. But now they're stepping up their efforts and their intensity, as the newest special task force sees you taking on an incoming invasion of the Undine.

As the new lore page reveals, while your mission starts as a simple investigation of some erratic energy signatures, it quickly changes into something else. Fans of Voyager might recognize some of the trappings, but the threat in this case may be something far worse than before. It's up to players to take the fight to their enemies, hopefully preventing a full-scale invasion of space by an undetectable foe. The prior Star Trek Online special task forces have pushed the game's storyline (and difficulty) front and center, and the newest installment seems to be aiming in that direction as well.

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