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Take home the real-life, solar-powered ModNation Racers golf cart

Alright, stick with us, here: Last month, Sony collaborated with graphic artist Jeremiah Garcia to create a ModNation Racers-branded golf cart. It was supposed to be designed to look like it was created by the indie rock troupe Passion Pit (of LittleBigPlanet 2 trailer fame) -- whatever that means. The cart, which runs on solar power, was then displayed at the Coachella Festival to help promote the green energy movement in collaboration with the non-profit group Global Inheritance. But never mind all of that!

What you do need know to is that you can win this golf cart by entering the "Get the Keys to Your ModNation Kart" sweepstakes over on the PlayStation Blog. You can try to get a better understanding of the vehicle's origins by watching the video after the jump, but c'mon, what more do you need to read then "hey, free golf cart."

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