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Aika allows players into the gates of the arena

Eliot Lefebvre

In a game focused on PvP, arenas can be a tricky things. If everything is set up nicely then they show off the strengths of the game at their finest; if there are flaws, it's a bit like highlighting them with a magnifying glass. Aika has decided to take the plunge, but not on a small scale -- the Aitan Arena doesn't go halfway. The battles are geared to 100 players on each side, with each team duking it out until only one remains standing.

Divided into four level brackets, the Aitan Arena pits two teams against one another with a maximum capacity of 200 players on a first-come first-served basis. While that might sound a bit limiting -- especially with only two windows open per day -- the wide brackets and rotating schedule should allow everyone a shot at the match. The real limitations will come once the match starts; with the competition heightened by the fact that there are no respawns within the arena. Once you drop, you're out of the match. Take a look at the full announcement on the official site, and get your blades sharpened for the newest PvP venue in Aika.

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