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Ask Massively: Send us your questions!

Shawn Schuster

While we here at Massively may not know everything about eggplant parmesan recipes or mathematical theorems, we do know our MMOs. In fact, we often get asked questions on every facet of MMOs, but don't have an organized place to receive or answer these inquiries publicly. Until now.

If you have questions regarding anything related to MMOs, we want to hear! Are you confused about the lore in Aion? Are you wracking your brain trying to remember which MMOs closed in 2008? Do you sit awake at night trying to remember what Brad McQuaid is famous for? We might just be able to help. Welcome to the rebirth of Ask Massively!

Simply send along your MMO questions to ask AT massively DOT com or leave a comment to this post and we'll take it from there. Each week, we'll present something resembling an answer to your question, or just make something up. Either way, fun should be had by all.

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