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Bungie hiring 'Personal Assistant/Gopher' to help with office relocation

Are you always a Johnny (or Julie)-on-the-Spot when one of your friends asks for help with a big cross-town move? You may be able to exercise those skills in a more profitable manner by applying for a position which just came open at Bungie: A "Personal Assistant/Gopher" who will tag along with the Studio Head, and "assist in the coordination of a major office relocation/move."

Which office is moving, and where are they moving to, you might be wondering? That's a great question -- one that's not answered by the fairly discrete hiring notice. We certainly hope Bungie hasn't decided to move in with Activision, however. We're sure they've got room for them, but ... well, it's far too early in the relationship to put that kind of pressure on either party. Not to mention the fact that they'd be living in sin.

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