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Mortal Online announces June 9th launch date

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Mortal Online has seen its share of ups and downs this spring as Starvault worked through a rocky beta period, ultimately deciding to delay launch as they ironed out some major bugs. Fans of the game were left wondering what was going to happen, even as many of them applauded Starvault's decision to hold off the launch date until Mortal Online was in better shape.

It looks like the team at Starvault thinks it's finally good to go: Mortal Online is scheduled for launch June 9th. According to the latest newsletter, they've solved the infamous desync issue (one of the most prominent issues during testing) with the help of a new engine build.

Open beta testing is now over in preparation for launch, but you still have until Monday, May 17th to take advantage of the open beta discount. You can check out all the details in today's Mortal Online newsletter.

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