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WoW Moviewatch: Icecrown Raiding


I have a confession. I not only stop, but I also collaborate and listen. In fact, back in my high school days, I was known to go crazy when when I heard a cymbal and a hi-hat with a souped-up tempo. Hey, it's kind of timely. I totally had my gleek on when Mr. Shue busted out Ice Ice Baby last week.

With that information, it's understandable that I instantly fell in love with Icecrown Raiding by Propostris and Bloodvein Movies. Both the lyrics and video did an amazing job capturing that original classic by Mr. Van Winkle. Of course, the parody is obviously tailored towards World of Warcraft. In that sense, I think Icecrown Raiding will help forge a new way for night elf rap, making Propostris a new contender for the WoW-rap throne inhabited by belf rap.

Ultimately, this is a fun video. I guess if you don't see any irony or fun in Vanilla Ice, then you probably won't dig it. That being said, if you have any embarassed fun left in your heart for the Running Man, you'll definitely enjoy it. Be sure to note the cityscape behind the performers; it's a dead-on homage to the original video!

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