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Japanese hardware sales, May 3 - May 9: Steam-powered world edition


We'll make no bones about it -- a lot of the Joystiq staff punches keys all day long on Apple devices, gritting their teeth while writing up PC game sales posts. Sure, booting into Windows is always an option, but who's got the time? Life's too short for green bananas, we say! Thankfully, Steam has arrived on an operating system more readily accessible to our hands and things will assuredly never be the same (oh, and you should probably join our Steam group!).

While we're not 100 percent sure if Steam's Mac release made an impact on the hardware sales of gaming consoles in Japan this past week, we're really, really, really excited about finally playing some games on the ol' workhorse. But those Japanese hardware sales? Yeah, they're mostly down. Has the Japanese public shifted its purchasing focus towards Valve's downloadable push onto the Mac? Clearly that's what happened!

... Or last week's big game releases in Japan have begun to peter off. One of the two.

- PSP: 35,233 24,082 (-40.60%)
- Wii: 31,399 642 (2.09%)
- DSi LL: 26,733 1,164 (4.55%)
- PS3: 26,185 6,689 (-20.35%)
- DSi: 15,739 111 (0.71%)
- Xbox 360: 4,278 665 (-13.45%)
- DS Lite: 4,026 42 (-1.03%)
- PSP Go: 1,464 426 (-22.54%)
- PS2: 1,491 86 (-5.45%)

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