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Massively Mobile: iPhone apps for your favorite MMOs

Dan O'Halloran

Every two weeks, Massively Mobile brings you the latest news, guides and analysis about MMOs on mobile devices. Covering iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad platforms, we're on the lookout for the next generation of MMOs.

As much as we love our MMOs, keeping track of our characters, maps, ingredients, friends and everything else, can't always be juggled while online. And often we want to keep track of in-game activities and friends while offline. As a result, many iPhone apps have sprung up, official and unofficial, to help you stay in the game.

Today, I highlight a number of apps for the iPhone that will keep you connected with your favorite MMO while offline and give you easy access to vital information while in game. There's quite a few of these apps, so I'm splitting up the list over two installments. The first part is after the jump.


Aion U (Free)
A simple character look-up app, this one allows you to view not only your Aion character stats, but gear info as well. It does this through Curse's Aion Armory site which can also be viewed through a normal browser. The Aion Multi ($1.99), Aion FR ($1.99) and Aion Tem ($1.99) apps allow for the same character look-up, but in different languages.
Powerwiki ($1.99)
This Korean language-only Aion app accesses a database containing items, achievements, npcs, maps and other in-game info. Great for planning offline or multi-tasking while playing if you can read Korean. Hopefully NCSoft will be issuing an English language version soon.
Champions Online
Champions Companion (Free)
Cryptic Studios released its Champions Companion iPhone app last December. This robust program is more than just a character look-up service. It also allows players to manage their friends list, read about missions and send as well as receive in-game messages. A great way to keep up on game activities while not logged in.
CrimeCraft: Kingpin (Free)
Last December, the first-person shooter MMO CrimeCraft debuted an iPhone game along with a Facebook counterpart, CrimeCraft: Kingpin. This is not a character look-up app, but a game unto itself. Similar to Zynga's wildly popular MafiaWars Facebook game, you can build up your own gang through running missions and challenging other players. This app is not an MMO, but is an entertaining companion game. It's free-to-play and includes a microtransaction shop.
Dungeons and Dragons Online
DDOHerald (Free)
Brought to you by the same people who publish the LotROHerald app, DDOHerald is a character plus guild look-up and real time server status program. You can check out the stats on your equipped gear as well. It covers both North American and European servers.
DDO Library (Free)
A wonderful compendium of in-game information, DDO Library is a handy index of spells, drops, collectibles and loot from Dungeon and Dragons Online. You can also access racial and class abilities as well as a searchable quest list. A few more filters would have been handy, but overall, thorough and useful.
Capsuleer (Free)
I could tell you all about this EVE Online app that tracks many aspects of the game for you while you're offline, or I can just point you to the interview Massively published last year with the app's two creators.
EVE Tracker (Free)
EVE Tracker has some more popular features of Capsuleer such as a skill cooldown tracker, but overall has less functionality. If you are looking for something simpler, check out this one.
Fallen Earth
Unreleased Fallen Earth iPhone App
Though the Fallen Earth iPhone app isn't out yet, Massively was able to get a hands-on preview of it at GDC in February. There's also a screenshot gallery and video of it from Pax East in March. The app allows you not only to keep in touch with the game while offline, but you can also start crafting projects, play the auction house and look at in-game maps.

For the next edition of Massively Mobile in two weeks, I'll cover more iPhone apps for MMOs including FFXI, LotRO, WoW and more.

Dan O'Halloran covers the emerging fields of mobile and Facebook MMOs for Massively. For suggestions or tips, send an email to dano at massively dot com.

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