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One Shots: A merry welcome

While the weekends are a great time to catch up on that to-do list, they're also fabulous for spending some richly-deserved downtime, immersing yourself in experiences you love. Considering how many Lord of the Rings Online One Shots we seem to get, we'd guess there are quite a number of our readers who enjoy spending some weekend down-time there. Today's cheery slice-of-life comes to us from Mauro M. who tells us about his recent adventuring decision.

"I've tried lots of MMOs in the past -- including Lord of the Rings Online -- but I was always dragged back to World of Warcraft after a while. However, my heart had always been with LotRO (had to leave the game back when it came out because my computer couldnt' handle it). That is past! I've since upgraded my computer, and the game looks more beautiful than ever! I am totally immersed but I've been wondering if I will keep my subscription. However, after visiting Tom Bombadil, feeling the warmth of his cosy little house, and reading his invitation to "stay and make merry!" I think that's just what I'll do! Mister Bombadil! I'm here to stay!"

From big to small, we love to hear your thoughts and tales on your favorite MMOs. If you'd like to give us a peek into your MMO life, then just grab a screenshot you think fits it, write up a quick note and send it to us along with your name and the name of the game to oneshots AT massively DOT com. We'll post it out here for everyone to check out and give you the nod for sending it in.

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