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Patch 3.3.5 PTR: Unfinished Doomsday quest line removed

Anne Stickney

Sure, Patch 3.3.5 is shaping up to be interesting with the implementation of the Real ID system, and new Ruby Sanctum raid dungeon -- but early players on the PTR got a sneak peek at a quest line that has since disappeared from the PTR servers. This quest chain was originally datamined back in the Patch 3.3.3 PTR along with various Cataclysm doodads and items, but the quests hadn't surfaced until now. Its removal suggests that it wasn't meant to be implemented in the first place -- luckily, we've got screenshots of the entire chain. These are spoilers for pre-Cataclysm content, so if you don't want to be spoiled, don't check out the gallery. More info on the chain after the break.

The quest chain, starting with the quest Tablets of Fire from Earthen Ring member Seer Bahura, was only available to Horde -- the Alliance version wasn't implemented. Players are asked to investigate the delay of a courier who is supposedly transporting artifacts of Titan origin from Northrend to Orgrimmar. Seer Bahura mentions that she's had troubling visions as of late, and hopes that the artifacts will help clear up the visions. The courier is outside near the Northrend zeppelin post, and he's under attack -- you have to defend him from a Twilight Seeker who is trying to get the Tablets of Flame from him. The Twilight Seeker is on a black drake, which falls in line with what we've heard about the Twilight's Hammer joining forces with the Black Dragonflight, but it's what she says while demanding the tablets that raises several questions. She states that she's going to kill the Earthen Ring member you're defending, and take the tablets back to Cho'gall.

Say what? Cho'gall? For those who are shaky on their Twilight's Hammer lore, Cho'gall is the leader of the organization, which Matthew Rossi covered a few weeks ago in Know Your Lore. What's surprising about this is that Cho'gall met his end at the end of the Warcraft comics run; I covered the series yesterday for those wanting to know what happened. Either Cho'gall magically managed to survive being blown apart by Atiesh, or there's someone impersonating him. Unfortunately, the quest chain ended abruptly before too much could be determined about the Twilight's Hammer and their connection to the strange Doomsayers that littered the Drag and offered helpful advice about the world's inevitable end.

Is Cho'gall actually returning? Does this mean we'll see Med'an, Garona, or any of the other characters from the Warcraft comics run as full-fledged NPCs in Cataclysm? We don't know just yet -- but check out the gallery for pictures of the quest chain from the PTR.

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