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The Daily Grind: What are your summer MMO plans?


After too many snowstorms, blizzards, blizzageddons, snowmageddons, ice storms, dreary days, and martyred meteorologists to count, we've emerged from winter as timid fleshlings, blinking in the bright spring sunlight. It's hard to imagine that in just a few weeks, we'll usher in the summer season -- traditionally a dry spell of new game releases. Still, many of us will get off school or college, or enjoy a vacation away from work, and have a chunk of gaming time open up.

So what are your MMO summer plans? Will you invest more time in your current favorite title? Are you planning on exploring old favorites, perhaps in preparation for upcoming patches and expansions? Did you miss out on a recently-released MMO, such as Star Trek Online, Global Agenda or Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer, and are considering a one-month pass to check it out? Or mayhaps you're holding out for one of the rare summer releases, such as Mortal Online and APB?

What are you going to do in MMOs this summer?

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