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Report: Guitar Hero 6 dropping playable musicians, will work with previous DLC


Details about the upcoming sixth iteration in the Guitar Hero series (that is, if you don't count various spin-offs) have begun landing on the web from Official Xbox Magazine UK, reports GoNintendo. As Kiss' Gene Simmons proclaimed earlier this year, it seems he'll be emceeing the game. Alongside his appearance, Queen, Black Sabbath and Metallica's Lars Ulrich will also be showing up, though rather than being featured as playable characters, the various rockers will be recruitable characters for guidance through the game's campaign ("Quest Mode") -- that whole multiple lawsuit thing certainly couldn't have hurt Activision's decision, right?

Maybe most important of all is the inclusion of legendary New York City club CBGB (& OMFUG) as the game's "only real-world location" (at least to this former CBGB attendee), but we suppose you're probably more interested in hearing that "previous DLC" will allegedly be playable in number six ... or whatever. Activision wouldn't confirm the details with us, but you OXM UK subscribers are welcome to re-confirm the report's legitimacy in our comments section below.

[Via MTV Multiplayer]

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