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Skullcandy debuts Jay-Z-approved Roc Nation Aviator headphones


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While they may not exactly look like it, these new Roc Nation Aviator headphones are fairly understated compared to some of Skullcandy's other offerings, and it looks like you have Roc Nation co-founder Jay-Z to thank for that. Available in your choice of three different colors, the Aviators sport a foldable design and an "optics-inspired" polycarbonate speaker housing, along with a pair of 40mm full-range mylar drivers with neodymium magnets, and a tangle-free nylon cable complete with an in-line mic and controls. Still no word on a price just yet, but Skullcandy says the headphones will be available sometime in June. Oh, and envy had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of these.

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