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We should be set on Need for Speed subtitles for a while

Superannuation recently did its thing and uncovered a whole slew of newly reserved domain names associated with the Need for Speed franchise. The subtitles suggested by the registered domains are (deep breath): Boost, Drift Kings, Eliminator, Lightning, No Limits, Overdrive, Proven, Redline, Showdown, Street Kings, Takedown, The Run, Time Attack and Underground East. One of these many names could potentially (hopefully!) be the title of the next, possibly Criterion-developed installment in the series -- but then again there could always be a need for more domain registrations yet to come from EA.

Actually, the registered domains were reserved by Corporate Domains, Inc. (CSC), an intermediary company that manages web real estate in order to protects its clients' "brand identity." So, it's technically possible that these acquisitions weren't made with EA's blessing, and that this collection is really just a massive prank executed by one of CSC's various corporate clients. A jealous publisher then? That's far from the most likely scenario -- but it would definitely be the most hilarious.

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