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Digimon Battle launches, adds new content

Last month WeMade Entertainment's Digimon Battle flipped the switch and set the servers from open beta to full launch. Since then, players have been completing challenges and quests to ensure that the vil Digimon don't take over Earth and the digital world. To celebrate the smooth launch and growing player-base, WeMade has announced that tomorrow, May 19th, they'll be starting several contests and adding new content for players to enjoy.

For the free-to-play side of the house, there will be new maps offering challenges such as new digimon to capture and train like Pagumon, Minomon, and Poromon, to name a few. The level cap has also been raised to 100, with Digimon able to level to 99 as well. Additionally, all players will be able to participate in the events that kick off on the 19th with a race to level their Trainers and another to digivolve five of their captured Digimon to the mega stage. On top of that, a surprise loot chest is dropping quite frequently on the new Sky Dungeon, just waiting for players to snap it up. There will also be a host of new cards and other upgrades in the cash shop as well.

If you're curious about Digimon Battle but haven't had a chance to try it out yet, why not pop over to the site, get signed up, and join the Digivolution. With the potential for prizes and new Digimon to train, it's as good a time as any.

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