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Engadget HD Podcast 193 - 05.18.2010

Trent Wolbe

Netflix's newly launched HD streaming on PCs takes the first slot this week along with some healthy Lost debate (spoilers!), before we investigate several other internet video announcements from Hulu, FiOS and Comcast. Next up is ESPN 3D on comcast and Panasonic's latest news including a new Blu-ray 3D promotion. We'll check out DirecTV's Whole Home DVR launch before digging into CableCARD and HTPC news and finish up with a quick glance at Happauge's software update and how impressed we are -- or aren't -- with Kaleidascape's latest Blu-ray players.

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh, Richard Lawler

Producer: Trent Wolbe

00:00:57 - Netflix stealth launches HD streaming to PC and Mac

00:01:30 - Netflix turns on HD indicator, queue for PC (including WMC) & Mac Watch Instantly streamers

00:21:44 - Hulu says HTML5 'doesn't yet meet all of our customers' needs'
00:25:44 - Time Warner and Verizon bring TBS, TNT content to FiOS TV Online
00:29:53 - Comcast's HD VOD selections continue to approach infinity, or at least 3,000
00:32:17 - Comcast Xfinity iPad remote app changes channels and invites friends to watch RHONY
00:38:05 - ESPN 3D will be on Comcast in time for the 2010 World Cup
00:41:25 - Panasonic sweetens the 3DTV deal with Coraline, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 3D Blu-rays

00:46:30 - Panasonic shows its stuff at The Cable Show including a remote user interface
00:49:17 - DirecTV takes Whole Home DVR service nationwide

00:57:05 - Windows 7 Embedded doesn't support CableCARD, yet

01:01:09 - HDHomeRun CableCARD will feature three tuners in time for the holidays
01:07:36 - Poll: What type of HTPC do you use?
01:11:30 - Hauppage WinTV gets WiFi streaming for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
01:13:13 - Kaleidescape outs M300 and M500 Blu-ray players, copiers


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