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Jade Dynasty reveals first details of next expansion

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Perfect World Entertainment's free-to-play MMO Jade Dynasty hasn't seen an expansion since last November, so fans have been hoping that another is on the way soon. Players received some new dungeons just last month to hold them over, and now PWE are beginning to drop hints as to the next expansion.

The newest developer blog post over at PWE gives an overview of two new classes coming with the expansion as well as ten new screenshots detailing some of what's to come in this as-yet-unnamed expansion.

We get our first look at the Celan and Rayan, powerful new forces sent by the Athan. We learned about the impending arrival of Territory Wars, in which alliances will fight it out for control of different lands within Jade Dynasty. If that isn't enough, the post ended with a hint of much more to come: "but what good is the ability to conquer the world without some upgrades? How about smoother movements, better physics and destructible environments?"

It looks like PWE have much more planned for this expansion, but for the time being, check out the latest information on the developer blog.

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