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Nintendo registers several '3DS' trademarks in Japan

Though Iwata recently alluded to the fact that a "formal" moniker for the Nintendo 3DS hardware would soon be announced, a set of trademarks recently filed in Japan seem to hint that the device won't actually undergo a name change. Siliconera reports that Nintendo recently registered Japanese trademarks for "Nintendo 3DS," "N3DS," "3DSPlay" and "3DSWare." There's a lot of room for conjecture in those listings -- for instance, is Nintendo planning on implementing a separate online store specifically for the stereoscopic handheld?

More importantly, do they really think they can make the shorthand version of the device's name "N3DS" and not expect us to exclusively refer to it as a "Ned's?" Because, heads up guys, that's exactly what we're going to call it. "It might be a long car ride, Billy," we'll say. "You'd better bring your Ned's."

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