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Square Enix announces FY2009 results, revenue up 42%


Square Enix was riding high on the sales chocobo in its latest fiscal year results (ending March 31, 2010), with ¥192 billion ($2.07 billion) in revenue, up an impressive 42 percent from last year -- especially in this global economy. Profit was up over 50 percent, adding ¥9.5 billion ($102.7 million) to the guild bank. The top-selling games during the fiscal year were Final Fantasy XIII, Dragon Quest IX and The Batman's adventure in Arkham Asylum.

Naturally, the company's games division brought in the big bucks with ¥109.9 billion ($1.18 billion) in sales, up 128 percent. Surprisingly, the mobile phone division, despite having high-profile games, including Final Fantasy I & II, saw revenues drop seven percent to ¥10.1 billion ($110 million), but operating income was up by eight percent to ¥4.6 billion ($49.7 million).

Squeenix expects to have sales drop 17 percent this fiscal year to ¥160 billion ($1.73 billion), but profits to increase to ¥12 billion ($130 million).

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