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Tuesday Morning Post: Sanctum's closed edition


Happy Tuesday Morning everyone! It's mostly business as usual here in WoW land. The Cataclysm friends and family testing is trucking right along, as is the patch 3.3.5 PTR. Although there was supposed to be Ruby Sanctum testing happening, bad lag prevented testers in the US from doing much of anything, and the European testing was canceled altogether.

Luckily, even without the sanctum, there's plenty of news and other things to look at. There's the usual downtime this morning, from 5 AM to 11 AM pacific, so you'll have time. Check out usual roundup after the break. The Cataclysm leaks and spoilers are in their own section, so you can skip those if you're trying to stay pure.

Cataclysm Leaks and Official Spoilers

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